Woke up with god damn GREASE songs stuck in my head.. WTF.. now they won’t go away—does this ever happen to you?  It’d be ok if it was decent music.  I haven’t seen Grease in years.  Must have had a weird dream. 

On a good note–I just had a shake for breakfast that was delishhh 🙂  Now off to work on HW with a group for class, this could get interesting because I have to set up a scenario for role playing.. hmm.

One thing that makes me SUPER HAPPY is this weather!!!  In MQT here it is 50 degrees already (at 11am for this time of year, that’s unheard of!)  Have a great day everyone–i’ll check back later!



About Jessica Nagy

I am 23 years old, in college and majoring in Social Work. I love to laugh, make others laugh, but most of all, help people in anyway that I can. My life is amazing---I have a lot to accomplish but I am just doing it day by day. These days, I am working on losing weight with Visalus shakes. I am doing the 90 day challenge and am going to blog while doing it! Follow along for truthful posts, some laughs, and maybe even some tears (because I am so damn hungry).

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