Woke up with god damn GREASE songs stuck in my head.. WTF.. now they won’t go away—does this ever happen to you?  It’d be ok if it was decent music.  I haven’t seen Grease in years.  Must have had a weird dream. 

On a good note–I just had a shake for breakfast that was delishhh 🙂  Now off to work on HW with a group for class, this could get interesting because I have to set up a scenario for role playing.. hmm.

One thing that makes me SUPER HAPPY is this weather!!!  In MQT here it is 50 degrees already (at 11am for this time of year, that’s unheard of!)  Have a great day everyone–i’ll check back later!



let me clear my throat



If your here, you either already know me, or you’re a creeper.  I hope you’re creeping because that means that somehow, I captivated your interest with my amazing “about me” section and goooooorgeous photograph. 

So, I’m 23.. I like to think of myself as a typical 23 year old—obsessed with making money, spending it, begging my parents for more.. always dieting, always working or doing homework, spending time with boyfriend (that’s what we will call him) or my friends.  I wanted to write a blog because I enjoy writing and have a lot to say, sometimes.  Most of the time it is just going to be random things.. sometimes I will post about my weight loss journey (that sounds really enlightening but believe me, it won’t be — mostly about how hungry I am I’m sure). 

I started the Body by Vi 90 day challenge yesterday, apparently people lose a lot of weight with these and they actually do taste AMAZING!  Not like other stuff I have tried in the past and believe me, I have tried A LOT.  I would like to lose at least 30 pounds.. but, knowing me, I will be the one person when people are like OMG, how much did you lose?  I will have to say, “oh, 3 pounds.. I must have a thyroid problem” or something along those lines so I don’t look like a complete failure. 

SO enough about that–just wanted to post a little diddy about me.. you will learn more through all of this, hope you like it!